Heavy-Duty Battery Hydrometer


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      EASY to READ

      Battery Hydrometer


      Enjoy using a commercial grade professional tradesman’s hydrometer!

      & never have to replace your hydrometer again!



      Key Specifications:

      • Lightweight
      • Compact
      • Unbreakable
      • LARGE easy to read markings
      • Tests 2V to 200V or higher voltage battery systems
      • Wide test range from under 1100 to over 1300 Specific Gravity (SG)
      • Temperature compensating unit so tests battery when hot or cold
      • Accurate at all temperatures
      • Vertical Indicator to ensure correct readings
      • Suitable for testing ANY open lead acid battery systems (Starting, Solar, Backup, Deep Cycle, AGM etc.)
      • Large one-piece bulb (No leaks)
      • Long flexible Neoprene probe (140mm) for use with standard or commercial battery cells
      • Excellent for Automotive, Marine, Commercial, and Industrial applications
      • Car, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Boat, Forklift, Scissor lift etc.…for ANYTHING with a battery


      Overall Length 300mm

      Body Size 73mm wide x 18mm Thick

      Weight 84gm




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