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      ENERGYTECH Electric Wheelbarrow

      Moving made easy!

      NEVER have to PUSH or PULL your own barrow again...


      Product description

      The EnergyTech electric wheelbarrow is great for the builder, landscaper, miner, home handyman or retiree. Easily moves heavy loads with virtually no effort along the flat and up hills!


      Can be set up with a three-wheeled configuration (front drive-wheel and two castor style wheels at the back) or in a single wheel configuration with rear legs like a conventional wheelbarrow.


      Can be pushed without using the motor OR driven with simple thumb control with variable speed from very slow crawl up to a fast-paced walk. If the reverse lever is depressed, then the barrow moves in the reverse direction. Mechanical disc brake. Brake can be latched on as a park brake.


      The barrow comes with a 240/24V charger that is simply plugged into the port on top of the battery and to a standard 240V mains outlet to recharge battery.


      4.80 4.00-8 tractor style sure grip go anywhere tire on the front wheel. 4 ply tubeless. Max inflation pressure 32 PSI



      Simple controls, anyone can use this machine.  On/Off button and variable speed trigger on the right-hand handle. Brake and reverse safety switch on the left. If the reverse switch is not held on then the barrow will only drive forward, prevents the wheelbarrow from reversing onto the operator. Brake can also be locked to act as a parking brake. Depress the reverse lever and the barrow can be backed up.


      No need to lift that heavy barrow any more with easy load dumping tipper function.... includes lock down to prevent accidental tip


      Possible uses


      such as.......

      - gardening, landscaping, agriculture, arborculture

      - civil engineering

      - construction, building

      - Bricklaying, stone masonry

      - hire business

      - local authority 

      - caretaker service

      - stables, riding areas 

      - retirement homes/businesses/hotels/restaurants

      - army/fire service/civil defense

      - vineyards

      - retail and wholesale merchants, warehousing

      - camp grounds, parks

      - forestry

      - zoos and wildlife parks

      The list of possibilities is endless


      At a Glance


      140cm L x 78cm W x 93cm H



      Maximum Payload

      115ltr / 120Kg

      Working Speed

      0 to 3.5km/hr forward – 2km/hr reverse


      Disc Brake (with park brake function)


      Easy pivot point Manual operation

      Motive Power

      24V Electric Hub Motor, 230W – 89 Nm


      Maintenance free 24V 10Ah (+ External Charger)

      Operating Time

      3-5 hours (depending on load and terrain)

      Climbing capability

      35% slope !!


      Product Features

      • Electric driven
      • 24V Charger supplied
      • Disc brake with parking brake
      • Easy to maneuver
      • Three-wheeled (or single-wheel wheelbarrow configuration)
      • Large load capacity
      • Heavy duty construction



      In an endeavor to keep prices to a minimum EnergyTech imports and sells direct without the expenses involved in supporting a national network of agents so we provide special and exclusive support directly to our purchasers.


      EnergyTech wheelbarrows require minimal maintenance and should provide many years of faithful service.  Warranty on the machine is a 12-month parts warranty. Should any part fail during warranty EnergyTech undertakes to repair or place the part free of charge (on an exchange basis).



      WE CAN ARRANGE SHIPPING NATIONALLY Please just message or email us for a quote



      Feel free to ask any questions using the question box at the bottom of this advert. You can also contact us by email (info@trailertechau.com.au) or check out our website (www.energytech.com.au).

      We try to keep stock BUT... We sometimes sell out before the next container arrives. Please phone or email to check availability before ordering.



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      Jake Pattison
      What a beauty!

      I just realised I have had this wheelbarrow now for 5 years and it has performed perfectly. It has been amazing and is used for all sorts of duties on our sloping block. Our concreter happily used it when pouring a slab for our shed right up the back, and having a big block this machine has paid for itself very quickly. I recommend it highly. Our batteries need replacing but 5 years is a good innings for any battery.

      Krsnadas Pegler
      Game changer

      To say we love our electric wheel barrow is an understatement. A total game changer for us as we work in the garden. We have small scale market garden on a moderate incline. Being able to move compost and other things up the hill to where they are needed with the electric wheel barrow has enabled us to do things that we wouldn't have contemplated with old manual barrow. We've christened her "Buttercup" and she is a much loved member of our garden team.

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