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      Tired of paying for rental and refills? 

      Time to switch to an OXY-PETROL cutting system!

      NOTE: This starter kit does not include oxygen tank, regulator, hose, etc. Must be sourced seperately.

      How it works: 

      Petrol simply takes the place of an industrial gas such as acetylene or propane and cuts CLEANER, FASTER, THICKER and all at MUCH LOWER COST.



      ET-C100T-EN cutting torch with 4 cutting nozzles, cutting range 3-100mm.


      • 10 litre explosion-proof petrol tank
      • 10 meters of fuel hose
      • Cutting torch and 4 nozzles (3mm - 100mm cut)
      • Instructions and warranty documentation  


      NB: This starter kit does not include oxygen tank, regulator, hose, etc. Must be sourced seperately.


      • 1.1m long reach cutting torch (great for cutting up scrap steel!) 
      • 800mm long heating torch 
      • Welding torch (see comments above re welding) 
      • Heating/brazing torch 
      • Machine mountable torches for automated cutting equipment 
      • Small 1 Litre explosion proof petrol tank. 
      • Backpack kit. Designed for ultra portability as required in Police/Fire and other emergency services. Includes backpack, 1L tank & torch. Oxygen bottle and regulator is NOT included.


      Energytech’s PRO CUT Oxy-Petrol cutting system utilizes standard compressed oxygen with petrol as the combustible fuel (instead of acetylene). The fuel storage tank is an explosion proof design and the fuel is stored without pressure, the same as in a FORMULA 1 racing car tank.

      Tools are easy and safe to use. Various hand pieces are available for cutting and heating.

      There is a welding torch available, however, due to the power of the flame and the greater oxidizing nature of the oxy-petrol flame we do not recommend this for welding. It is significantly more challenging to weld with than with an acetylene system. Although not ideal, this system can be used to weld in a situation where nothing else is available (e.g. remote site or temporary repairs).

      The cutting and heating applications are incredible, but there are better options for welding.

      NOTE: The below YouTube video shows both hand torch cutting PLUS machine cutting tools and systems. This listing is for a starter kit with ET-C100T torch, petrol tank and petrol hose needed to get started and cut 3mm to 100mm. Specialized tools and equipment for automated cutting are sold separately (no oxygen tank, regulator or hose is included and must be sourced elsewhere).



      Dramatic cost savings: Utilizing petrol instead of acetylene as the combustible fuel has an outstanding effect on reducing operating costs. When using petrol fuel costs can be reduced buy up to 90%! Oxygen consumption can be reduced by up to 30% and cutting speed is often 30% faster than an acetylene based system.

      Time saving: Can cut up to 4 time the speed of acetylene!

      Performance: PRO CUT quickly and easily cuts through steel up to 300mm (with the appropriate hand piece and cutting tip).

      Versatility: Cutting flame will easily cut across voids (air space between plates). Cuts through paint, dirt, rust and other contaminating surface materials coating old steel.

      Safer cuts: Utilizing petrol (as a fuel) greatly improves the cut providing almost 100% oxidation of the cut material leaving no molten steel in the slag.

      Cleaner cut: This level of oxidation leaves an unmatched smooth clean cut finish.

      Multi-layer cutting: Due to the very clean cut and 100% oxidation there is almost no molten steel residue to "stick" cut plates together Why cut one piece when you can cut 5 or 10 at the same time!

      Stable flame: Due to the unique patented liquid fuel delivery system the cutting flame is extremely stable. The torch can be used at any angle and even if torch is used upside down or shaken violently the flame shape will not change, even immersed underwater the flame keeps going!

      Long-life cutting tips: PRO CUT tips are kept much cooler with the use of a liquid fuel thus dramatically extending tip life.

      Robust design: The Energytech PRO CUT is manufactured with quality materials and will prove to be a durable and reliable system providing many years of service.

      Easy-to-use: With the unique regulating control technology of the PRO CUT it is easy to synchronize the control of fuel and oxygen with the regulating valves.

      Accurate fuel delivery: Even at only 0.5Mpa oxygen pressure, the hand piece can be used with long hoses and up to 6 meters vertical height above the fuel supply tank

      Safety: Amazing as it may seem, petrol is actually a safer fuel than acetylene and other flammable gas cutting fuels. Petrol is non-tempering, non-detonating. The fuel tank is an advanced explosion-proof device so that it can reduce the fuel explosion probability to ZERO. It is impossible to explode even if the fuel tank comes into contact with high temperatures or naked flames. Even if the tank is penetrated the fuel will not explode.

      Patented technology: The Oxy-Petrol cutting systems is a new technology product and has several unique design features protected by patent.




      Q. Does the product do all that oxy-acetylene does?
      A. The PROCUT Oxy-petrol system was originally designed as a cutting system and that is its primary strength. The starter set includes the explosion proof petrol tank, fuel hose, cutting torch and tips to cut up to 100mm thick steel. However if you want to heat, weld (or braze) there are also an optional heating torch and welding torch available.

      If you need to cut or heat, oxy-petrol is the way to go, as it has much higher performance and the running cost is a fraction of acetylene! If welding is your primary need, yes you can weld with the optional welding torch, however due to the greater oxidizing nature of the oxy-petrol flame steel welding is more challenging than with an acetylene setup.

      Q. Can I heat and bend steel?
      A. The cutting torch can also be used for heating work, but if heating is the primary need the optional dedicated heating torch performs better.

      Q. Can I braze with this system?
      A. Depending on the job, the heating or welding torch can be used for heating pieces to braze large heavy gauge material. Not suitable for light gauge work, it just has too much power!

      Q. Where can I purchase the oxy-petrol?
      A. Oxy-petrol is not a single product. The petrol required is just regular petrol you buy from a garage, same place you get petrol for your car or ute. Kit comes with a specially designed explosion proof 10 litre tank and hose to connect to the torch. Oxygen requirement is same as oxygen for oxy-acetylene. You usually rent a cylinder from BOC or some other industrial gas supplier and must also have a conventional oxy regulator and hose.

      Q. Why do you say the oxy-petrol system is more powerful than oxy-acetylene?
      A. Due to the properties of petrol the gas vapour is about 4 times as heavy (dense) as oxy-acetylene so has much more "punch"

      Q. Can I cut through plate or other solid surface or do I have to drill a hole first?
      A. No pre drilling is needed. The ProCut is MUCH better at punching through metal than an acetylene system. As the vapour is approximately 4 times heavier/more dense than acetylene and the flame is almost 100% oxidising, the PROCUT can easily cut a hole and has minimal heavy/hot waste (acetylene has about 30% molten steel waste).

      Q. Do I need oxygen?
      A. YES. Oxygen is needed for the torch to function so a standard oxygen setup is required just the same as for an acetylene system. However, the Procut uses about 30% less oxygen than an acetylene system.

      Q. Can I use compressed air instead of oxygen?
      A. NO. This will not work with compressed air. Like acetylene you MUST have BOTTLED OXYGEN.

      Q. How much petrol does the system use?
      A. Petrol consumption is VERY SMALL. The table below has the all the details with different tips and plate thickness'. As a simple example if you were cutting 10mm plate with a C100 torch (with a No. 1 tip), in one hour you should be able to cut about 36 METERS of plate and use less than 1 litre of petrol! (approx. $1.50 cost)

      Torch Type C30    
      Cutting Nozzle No. #1 #2 #3
      Cutting oxygen apeture (mm) 0.7 0.9 1.1
      Cutting thickness (mm) 3-10 10-20 20-30
      Oxygen pressure (Mpa) 0.25 0.3 0.35
      Oxygen consumption (m3/h) 0.8-1.0 1.2-1.4 1.6-2.2
      Petrol consumption (l/hr) 0.44-0.88 0.55-0.99 0.88-1.21
      Cutting speed (mm/min) 700-600 650-500 550-400

      Torch Type C100    
      Cutting Nozzle No. #1 #2 #3
      Cutting oxygen apeture (mm) 1 1.3 1.6
      Cutting thickness (mm) 10-25 30-50 50-100
      Oxygen pressure (Mpa) 0.35 0.4 0.5
      Oxygen consumption (m3/h) 1.4-2.2 2.4-4.0 5.0-7.0
      Petrol consumption (l/hr) 0.77-1.10 0.99-1.32 1.10-1.76
      Cutting speed (mm/min) 600-500 450-340 360-250

      Torch Type C300      
      Cutting Nozzle No. #1 #2 #3 #4
      Cutting oxygen apeture (mm) 1.8 2.2 2.6 3
      Cutting thickness (mm) 100-150 150-200 200-250 250-300
      Oxygen pressure (Mpa) 0.5 0.65 0.8 1
      Oxygen consumption (m3/h) 8-10 11-14 14-18 18-32
      Petrol consumption (l/hr) 1.54-1.87 1.65-1.98 1.76-2.20 1.87-2.53
      Cutting speed (mm/min) 250-175 175-130 130-100 110-80


      12 month back-to-base replacement warranty against failure or faulty manufacture. Normal misuse/abuse exceptions apply. 



      International buyers please note: Due to the many differing rules and regulations in different countries it is impossible for us to know and therefore allow for any local charges in the listed postage charge for delivery to your country. Therefore any "local" fees and charges in your country of destination are your responsibility.


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